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  • Oxygen Electric Hose w/ 3-pin Square Female Plug 61054-2

  • 3M Eureka Style DCF-15 Allergen Filter Pkg 67773

    Price $13.99
  • 3M Filtrete Eureka DCF-4/18 Allergen Filter Pkg Master Pac 67814C-2

  • Filtrete Eureka HF-14 HEPA Filter 67813

    Price $9.99
  • Filtrete Eureka HF-11 HEPA Filter 67811

    Price $9.99
  • 3M Eureka Style DCF-15 Allergen Filter Pkg 67773-4

    Price $55.96
  • 3M Eureka Style HF-16/Hoover WT Air / Electrolux Style B Hi Efficiency Allergen Filter Pkg 67806C

    Price $15.99
  • Filtrete Eureka HF-11 High Efficiency Allergen Filter 67811A

    Price $9.99
  • 3M Eureka Style STK Allergen Filter Pkg 67844

  • 3M Eureka Style DCF-5 Allergen 67230-2

  • Filtrete Eureka DCF-16 Allergen Filter 67816A

    Price $8.99
  • Filtrete Eureka HF-16 / Hoover WindTunnel Air / Electrolux B High Eifficiency Allergen Filter 67806B

    Price $15.99
    Limited stock available