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The Secert Life of Belts.

Belt spins, brush turns, vacuum works, end of story, right? Not quite. Welcome to Belts 101.

  • How does a
    Vaccum Belt Works?

    In order to transfer power from the vacuum’s motor to the brushroll, the belt works like a pulley system to turn the brushroll at a high speed.

  • What is a
    Belt's Purpose?

    Primarily, to turn the brushroll as described above, but belts also play the critical role of protecting the motor — if the brushroll is stalled, belts are designed to break to keep the motor from overloading.

  • What is a
    "Lifetime belt"?

    Some vacuums use lifetime belts, designed to last for the life of a vacuum’s motor under normal working conditions. The term “normal” is key — if you accidentally vacuum up socks or rugs, a lifetime belt may need to be replaced. Keep in mind that lifetime belts and typical flat belts are not interchangeable.