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Generally, to help your vacuum perform its best, you should replace your belt every 12 months.* Some belts don’t make it that long, however. Here are some signs that your belt may need to be replaced sooner.

*This applies to traditional flat belts — if you’re not sure which type of belt you have, check your owner’s manual.

Brush not Turning

Your vacuum’s brushroll is powered by the belt, so if it’s not turning, it means that something’s wrong with the belt, and it probably needs to be replaced.

The Dreaded Squeal

We’ve all done it — vacuumed up some rug fringe or a stray sock. This is typically followed by a sharp squeal, indicating that you’ve potentially weakened and therefore damaged the belt. Time for a new one.

Burning rubber Smell

The nose knows; that burning rubber smell is NOT a good sign. While it could have a number of causes, the likely culprit is your vacuum’s belt — check it for signs of damage and replace if needed.

Remember, any time you’re inspecting or replacing the belt, make sure your vacuum is unplugged.