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Under normal circumstances, it’s recommended that you change your vacuum bag every 1 to 2 months to maintain your vacuum’s performance — but if you have any of the following issues, you might need to change it more often.


If you’ve got little ones — two-legged or four-legged — in your home, you’ve also probably got more dirt. Additionally, pet hair fills up vacuum bags more quickly than dust and other debris, so you may have to change your bag sooner.


Do your vacuum a favor and change the bag after cleaning up dirt from extra foot traffic — not to mention the pile of boots by the door in winter months.


If you’re having work done on the house that creates a lot of drywall dust and other debris, it could clog your vacuum bag. Keep an eye on it during construction, and change it out if you notice any odd smells or clogs in the bag (or elsewhere in your vacuum).

Bag Sensor

Some vacuums have indicator lights that tell you when to change the bag. If yours does, you probably want to pay attention and replace your bag with a fresh one when the indicator says to. But remember, your bag could still be full even if the indicator light isn’t on.